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Common Signs that tells you need to Change a Career

It can be scary when you have plans to change careers, but sometimes this is something which is best to do. You should avoid sticking yourself on a career which you think rots you away. Below are common signs that tells you whether you need a career change.

Weekends are not Enough or Short

All of us thinks that our weekends are too short. You would think however that yours is just too fraught. You mostly just go to the office on a Monday and from that day on, you start your countdown until Friday. You mostly would just end up spending your weekends thinking that Monday is coming again fast. This leads to your Sunday’s almost going to waste because you are so busy thinking on going back again at work.

You don’t have Passion

Not all people in fact are hyped up with regards to their job all the time. You may also be bordering on your burnout. You probably may not find joy anymore on the tasks that seems to be enjoyable at first. You also seem to not remember why you worked there anymore simply because you have lost your drive. You would end up thinking that you were there in the first place simply because of the need of money, which surely cannot make up for your apathy and your boredom and think that it could not give employee benefits.

You Feel Trapped

It is in fact mostly where you feel you can’t get out that you would need to try hard to free yourself. You may be caught in a trap of losing your motivation because you get the feeling that you get no challenge from it. This kind of cycle will in fact get worse. You will be bored so much that it drains your energy.

You Envy Workmates

When you find yourself pining to the other people’s career, it’s a sign that there’s something wrong with you. Consider cleaning yourself first. You need to make sure that you are not looking at the lives of other people but on your own and make changes on what you need to make. Simply follow your big dreams.

Your Health is Affected

Your body would often tell you when you need to change careers. Stress actually could lead to bad eating habits, high blood pressures and even heart attacks. If you are losing vitality and you mostly sleep at your job or you have fatigues and get headaches, consider listening to your body with what this is telling you.